Write to your Health Commissioners

You may have been unable to get a referral to the RLHIM or, you may have been an existing patient and have been told you treatment at the RLHIM will no longer be funded. This could be because your PCT or Commissioning Group have recently stopped referrals or introduced a referral management policy.

If funding has been cut where you live, it will be because of a decision made by the Primary Care Trust (PCT) or the newly formed Commissioning Group in your area. Let them know why you are unhappy about their decision and tell them how you have been helped at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

Write to the Chief Executive and tell him or her about your positive experience of the treatment you received at the RLHIM (and, if appropriate, relate any negative experience of conventional treatment you have received).

If you have not been a patient, but would like to be, you might want to write and tell them that you want to have the option of receiving an integrated approach to your healthcare on the NHS – using complementary as well as conventional treatment if, and when, you need it.

How to contact your PCT or Health Commissioning Group:


Although PCTs are being phased out and replaced by GP Commissioners, many are still operating. For contact details of the Chief Executive of your Primary Care Trust (PCT) go to NHS Choices and select the name of your PCT. As you are aware, currently changes to NHS Commissioning are being debated and so how health services are to be commissioned and who by is in flux.

Some PCTs are joining with others to form a larger group, while in other areas, we believe some GP Commissioning Groups are already up and running. This situation makes it difficult for us to give you precise details of who to contact. However, NHS Choices should be able to provide you with details of who to contact -phone NHS Choices on 0845 4647.

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