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Ask your MP to support the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. Let them know why you value the RLHIM and explain that you are worried the PCT may refuse to fund, or continue funding your treatment at the hospital. Explain briefly what benefit you, or your family, have received and what it would mean to you if you could no longer go there.

Ask your MP to contact the Secretary of State for Health for an assurance that patient choice will include referral the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, which offers a patient-centred integrated approach to healthcare.

You could also ask your MP to put down a Parliamentary Question to the Secretary of State or ask them to table an Early Day Motion. For advice on this, contact Sato Liu, Project Manager for the Friends by using the contact form.

How to contact your MP:

You can telephone the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272 and they will provide you with the name and contacts details of your MP. Or, if you prefer, go to the UK Parliament website. Alternatively, if you prefer to post your letter rather than send it online, you can write to them at: The House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA.

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If you have internet access, you can send an email direct to your MP (and find out who it is) via the WRITETOTHEM website. is an independent, charitable project to help you contact your elected representatives: It also enables you to keep track of what your MP does and says in Parliament. You can also contact your MEP, Local Councillors, MSP, or NI, Welsh and London Assembly Members from this site.

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