How You Can Help

You can help by writing letters; giving your story and why you are concerned about not being able to get a referral to the hospital, even under the Choose and Book scheme. Or, if you are an existing patient, say why and how it would affect you and your family if you were no longer able to receive treatment at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. Real stories like these are strong statements of support and are very effective in getting the message across.

When writing your letters, you could also mention that the RLHIM offers a range of treatments options, from conventional to complementary, and the consultant would offer the most appropriate treatment for the patient’s condition. The following quotation from the Department of Health’s Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS published in July 2010 may also be useful:

Individual letters incorporating personal stories are so important. Numbers count. So, please do write and keep on writing.

Other ways you can help the campaign

  • Join The Friends – for as little as £10 a year! With your help, we can do so much more.
  • Support the campaigneven if you don’t join the friends, you can still help!
  •  Recruit others to support the campaign and, if you know any celebrities, high-profile individuals, politicians, journalists, etc., who might be willing to help, please let us know.
  • Join your local patient support group or set one up interested? Leave a message on our website. If you would like to help with a campaign in your area, please contact our Projects Manager, Sato Liu using the contact form.
  • Rate the RLHIM – visit the NHS Choices websitethis way you are in a position to let the PCT know that money spent on the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine is worth it and that there are many other people who benefit from treatment, or would benefit if allowed to be referred.
  • Help us raise funds; hold a coffee morning or a car boot sale, or donate whatever you can spare

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