Homeopathy: What is it used for?

Homeopathy is used for a wide range of health problems, but could be particularly useful when the disease is ‘internal’, due to internal imbalance rather than infection or injury.

Conditions that may respond well to homeopathy include allergies, anxiety, stress and panic attacks, asthma, cystitis, eczema and other skin problems, rheumatism and arthritis, recurrent childhood illnesses, such as glue ear, menstrual and menopausal problems, morning sickness.

Although it has a wide range of uses, homeopathy should not be seen as an exclusive alternative system of medicine. It is not the right treatment for every complaint. It can be used as an alternative treatment for many conditions, or as a complement to conventional treatment, for instance to help with symptoms of cancer or the side effects of treatments for cancer. In any, case it is best integrated with other treatments so that everybody involved in the patient’s care communicates and works together.

Dr Sara Eames BSc MB ChB DGM FFHom is Director of Education and Director of Women’s Services at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. She is also President, Faculty of Homeopathy.
Dr Eames talks here about patient care and homeopathy on the NHS:
Videos on You Tube, courtesy of HomeopathyAT

For further information about homeopathy on the NHS, visit The British Homeopathic Association.

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