31 Jul 2016 — (Message from Campaigner in Glasgow)
Please help us save beds and right to access NHS Holistic Care. We have under 100 days to save this vital service. There is a threat by the Health Board to close in-patient ward at the Centre for Integrative Care (Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital)

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board at their Board meeting on 28th June 2016 voted to proceed with the steps that are required to close all the remaining in-patient beds at the NHS Centre for Integrative Care at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in Gartnavel Hospital Complex.

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When the NHS was set up in 1948, negotiations took place between doctors representing the Faculty of Homoeopathy and Aneuran Bevan on behalf of the Government so that the five homoeopathic hospitals could be absorbed into the Service. They have continued to be part of it since then but obviously the services on offer have changed in tune with various re-organisations of the NHS over the years.

As a centre of excellence in homeopathy and other CAM therapies, the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine treats patients that come from all over the country seeking an answer to their health problems. Many have long standing conditions which have not responded to conventional treatment but at the RLHIM they find help, understanding and support which enables them to improve their health and regain a worthwhile quality of life.

Homeopathy has always been a controversial subject but it continues to help patients who want it, choose it or have come to it as a last resort but a small but well organised group of detractors is determined to see homeopathy removed from the NHS. Should they be successful, homeopathy and the other complementary therapies on offer would only available to those who could afford to pay for them. This would be detrimental to the health of patients who find an answer to their health problems at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and the other clinics and hospitals offering complementary medicine.

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